FCC Investigating Whether Cuban Government Is Jamming HAM Radio


The federal government is looking into mysterious signals from Havana, which are jamming radio frequencies.

Since the anti-government protests started last week, HAM radio operators from Florida claim that Cuba has been blocking their radio frequencies. The Federal Communications Commission has launched an investigation into this matter.

Motherboard was told by a spokesperson for the FCC that too many people are struggling to access technology. “The FCC is committed supporting free information flow and making sure that the internet remains accessible for all. These reports are being evaluated by our field agents. We will be communicating with the Department of State when this issue becomes more serious.”

Cuba’s government is known for controlling communications on the island. Until recently, there was very little internet connectivity in Cuba. During protests, the government took steps to close down the internet. Cuban exiles in Florida and other areas of the country use HAM radio to communicate with the mainland.

However, jamming prevented this. Alex Valladares, a HAM radio operator from Cuba and exile on YouTube, demonstrated the 40-meter band which is preventing him communicating with his Cuban friends. He said that all the segments were interference and twisted the dial to get through the noise. “This has been going on non-stop since Sunday.”

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