It’s the Humidity That’s Killing Us – It’s Not the Heat

Scientists are studying the temperature at which humans spontaneously die, and their findings are a warning about our future.

The Western portion of the continent’s heat dome reached 117 degrees. One town in British Columbia was destroyed by fire, while Europe’s temperatures are breaking records. Climate change is real and it’s threatening us. It’s not only the heat. It’s also the humidity. Scientists are now studying “wet bulbs conditions”, which refers to temperatures at which humans die.

What exactly are “wet bulb” conditions? When should we start to worry about them? Is there anything we can do to stop them from happening? Is it already happening? Audrey Carleton, a Motherboard intern who has been covering the story for the site, is here to answer all these questions.

You can escape to an air-conditioned area if it is so hot outside. This is not an option for everyone and can cause damage to the power grid. Texas has seen its power Grid drop as people turn on the AC to cope with rising temperatures. We have a changing climate, and we don’t have the capacity to handle it. It’s a feedback loop. Carleton stated that the worse the situation gets, the more we depend on the things that make it worse.

This week, Motherboard Editor-in-Chief Jason Koebler explains the executive order of Biden on Promoting Competition and the American Economy. Although it’s a victory for net neutrality and right-to-repair, there is still much to be done.

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